What is POKÉ? 

A dish from Hawaii, inspired by Japanese sushi. One of the main ingredients is raw marinated fish, but most often salmon or tuna. Another important ingredient is rice sushi.

When served as a salad, the basis is rice, which can be combined with other ingredients such as fish or tofu with pickled vegetables, avocado, mango, wakame, fresh vegetables and more. Finally, flavour with mayo-wasabi or spicy-mayo sauces.

Upcoming Pop-ups

5. Pop - up - 9.12.2018 - MeetFactory - Zimní blešák ve fabrice, Address: Ke Sklárně 15, 15000 Praha, 

Time 12a.m. -5p.m.

4. Pop - up - 10.11.2018 Republica Coffee - Address Milady Horákové 684/16 Praha 7

3. Pop - up - 1.11. 2018 Bistro Monk

2. Pop - up - 31.10. 2018 2. Narozeniny Vnitrobloku

1. Pop-up - 16.9. 2018 Street Food Festival - Podzim 2018 - Holešovice



marinated salmon in sweet soy sauce with avocado, mango, wakame salad and fresh vegetables, served with sushi rice, topped with spicy mayo or creamy wasabi



vegetarian version with marinated tofu, flavoured with spicy mayo or creamy wasabi

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